Looks like I am late with my Blog again this week.  It figures, I did everything else wrong last week.  No diet, no treadmill, and only cryo’ed twice all week.  Bad Paul! Bad Boy!

Anyway let’s go to the scale:

Ha! That doesn’t seem possible…lost another 2 lbs.  The only explanation I can think of is the cryo over the last 6 weeks has sped up my metabolism up enough to overcome my partying ways.  I know that won’t happen twice so I guess I better get my act back together.  Give me a second so I can put down my diet beer and type with both hands…

This week I wanted to talk a little about inflammation.  First let’s consider how inflammation in the body starts.  Your skin is the first line of defense against microbes such as bacteria, but when that barrier gets breached, your immune system sends in the body’s equivalent of Seal Team 6 – the white blood cells.  

They take the bacteria out behind the woodshed and open up a can of whup azz.  While they are taking care of bidness, the effects of this battle can be seen on the outside in the form of inflammation – redness, swelling, heat, and pain.

Luckily it is usually over pretty quickly, and your immune system calls the white blood cells back home so the recovery team can move in and heal the breech in your skin.  While this process is how the body protects itself, too much inflammation is a bad, bad thing.  Chronic, persistent inflammation is behind a whole host of health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Current research is now starting to link inflammation to cancer.  One article I read states “…it is clear that fledgling tumors hijack inflammation in the body and use it to accelerate the progression towards full-blown cancer.”

The article goes on to say “Scientists, including our own, are working on how to dampen inflammation, making it much harder for cancers to flourish. They’re hacking into the molecular circuitry controlling inflammation, looking for ways to hotwire the system with next-generation drugs.”

My question is: What if we could manipulate inflammation to prevent cancer developing in the first place?  The answer may be right in front of our eyes: Cryotherapy.

At its essence, Cryotherapy is about controlling and reducing inflammation.  Cold therapy has been used since ancient times to reduce inflammation, and best of all it is all natural and drug free, so there are none of the nasty side effects you get with taking pills.

The last sentence of the article sums up my point perfectly”… it’s becoming clear that blocking inflammation will play a big role in cancer prevention and treatment in the future.”

Pretty heavy stuff there.  Anyway, while we are pondering the mysteries of the universe and thinking deep thoughts, I have another question for you: If a deaf guy goes to court, do they still call it a hearing??

Talk to you soon.