It’s already Wednesday, and I am 2 days late for this blog.  It seems like the skinnier I get, the sexier lazier I get.  Let’s see what the scale says this week:

I am up to 22 lbs lost in 5 weeks!  I could be one of those anonymous people in the weight loss commercials….”Paul G lost 22 lbs in 5 weeks and he was not even using our product!! How is that for amazing??”

I know this week I said I was going to talk about inflammation, but I am going to save that one for the next blog.  Instead I want to talk about the science behind cryotherapy and weight loss.  I found a great medical article that explains exactly how it works:

Now the article gets real technical, and if you are like me, it is hard to bulldoze through the scientific jargon without nodding off.  Never fear though, I am here to summarize the high points.  Here is what I took away from the article:

Cold exposure on our body creates the need to stay warm.  The body responds by using energy to produce heat to counter the effects of the cold.  The body does this by turning up your metabolism to burn some fat to produce the required heat.  This is pretty much common sense.  This is how a cryo session can cause your body to burn as many as 800 calories, about the same amount of calories that people burn running the other way when they see me mowing the lawn in my speedo….

Apparently there are two types of fat – Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) and White Adipose Tissue (WAT).  Actually there’s a third kind, Fried And Tasty (FAT), that I seem to have in abundance.  Anyhoo…..The BAT is the good stuff.  The body uses it exclusively for producing heat.  

Your metabolism speeds up like a racecar when burning this type of fat, exactly what you want to happen to lose weight, and get this: if a person is subjected to cold on a regular basis, they will increase levels of brown fat.  I have actually witnessed this happening during this journey.  I do not get cold nearly as easily as I used to because my body temperature seems higher – a sign that my metabolism has sped up.

The WAT is what you are trying to get rid of.  Its primary purpose is to store energy in the form of fatty acids, which in other terms results in obesity and is related to metabolic disorders and all manner of diseases.  Interestingly, brown fat can convert white fat when we get cold!  I can just see the recruiting pitch now…Come to the Dark Side.  It’s warmer over here…

So there you have it, the science behind how Cryotherapy helps with weight loss.  I will talk about Inflammation next time.  Talk to you soon.