Getting old is no fun.  I remember when I was young, I was just a dumbass.  Then, when I got into my 20’s and I knew everything, I was a smartass.  Now, in my old age, I have become a wiseass.  The problem is I usually remember that wisdom right…after…I…need it…sigh.

star cryotherapy

Who me???

Ok, I guess it’s time to get off my pity potty and…OUCH!

Who put that dog bone under my foot??

I am beginning to think that dog is more diabolical than she looks…



Anyway, the moment everyone is waiting for:

star cryotherapy

This officially concludes 1 month.   I am at exactly 19.1 lbs lost for the month!  I am feeling so skinny I can wear my speedo next time I am mowing the lawn….except I don’t have a lawn…..or (thankfully) a speedo.

The topic I wanted to touch on today is often overlooked when trying to get in shape, and for your health in general – oral hygiene.  Your teeth and gums are absolutely critical to your overall health.

Infections in your mouth have a straight conduit to your heart, and can lead to heart diseases.  And no, having blinding white teeth does not mean your mouth is healthy.

One of the products I love is Plackers dental floss picks.  It has 2 floss strings to make it much stronger so it doesn’t break often like other brands.  The dual strings do a great job of removing food between your teeth.  These things are addicting, and I have a bag at my office and one at home.

Another thing just as important is the use of mouthwash to kill germs throughout your entire mouth.  For that you can’t beat good old reliable Listerine.  Doctor Lister invented Listerine to sterilize surgical instruments before surgery.  

It still works to this day to kill the germs in your mouth.  But Paul! It burns!  Yeah, well your breath burns my nostrils when you don’t use it, so take an extra swig for me.

Well that’s my blog for the day.  Next time I will talk about inflammation, and how it is bad news my friends.  Until then, stay cool (like -200F).