Well I have suffered my first injury of the campaign and I have nobody to blame but…..my fricking dog!  Now Starr, whom we named Star Cryo for, is a good girl and she is so cute, she pretty much gets away with murder.

So anyway, Monday night I am fast asleep on my side when I feel something hard pushing against my back between my shoulder blades.  It takes me a few minutes to realize I am actually awake, and then roll over to try to figure out what the offending object is.  I can feel the object under my back so I reach behind me and pull out a dog’s bone.  Looks like Starr decided to have a midnight chew.  

I was not happy with the situation, but figured it was probably a good opportunity to visit the bathroom on account of all the water I drink these days.  I get up out of bed and start down the short hallway in our room towards the bathroom when my foot comes down in a puddle that can only be one thing….dog pee.  Now I am awake and I’m pissed! (pun intended ☺).  I kind of hop/skip into the bathroom and wash my foot in the sink (I am flexible for a fat man).  

Next I turn on the bathroom light, get paper towels and cleaners and go back in the hall and clean up the puppy puddle (it’s very unusual for Starr just to pee on the floor, but as you will see in a minute, she was on fire this night).  I finish cleaning up and trudge back to bed.  Just as I get back to my side of the bed, I let out a howl that makes sure that Donna is now awake to join the festivities.  

Apparently the bone that had started all of this fun had fallen off the bed and onto the floor…..and I stepped on it.  The sharp end of the bone tore a good hunk of skin off the bottom of my second toe.  Can somebody please call a tow truck!?!

At this point the dog was watching me from the other side of the bed.  I figure that she had a pretty good idea how I was feeling about her fur face right then, and she wasn’t going to get anywhere close to me.  I limped over to the medicine cabinet and put some ornament on it and make it back to bed without further mishap.

The good news is I was able to power through it on the treadmill this morning despite missing half of my toe (or maybe it isn’t quite THAT bad).  So despite a major injury, I am soldering on.  Cryo can help take away the pain, but it doesn’t do a lot for missing skin……thanks dog.

Talk to you soon.