So it’s the moment of truth, my first official weekly weigh-in!  Can I get a drum roll please….nevermind, I wouldn’t hear it anyway….

Ho-lee-chit look at that (look at the scale please, and not my ugly toes)

I have lost 9.5 lbs. since last Monday.  I have gone from being fat to…..uh, a little less fat?  Maybe there is something to this cryo stuff after all, huh?  I know, I know this is only my first week, water weight, bla,bla,bla.  Here’s the thing: I snuck a peak at my weight on Friday, and the scale was reading 270.9, so I lost 2.5 lbs between Friday and Sunday.  That is despite my sister being in town for a visit, which may or may not have caused me to eat Pizza on Friday night and Mexican food on Saturday.

Cryo is helping me through this in 3 ways:

  1. Cryotherapy can burn up to 800 calories per session.  This is just plain Biology 101.  When your body gets cold, your metabolism starts burning calories to warm it back up.
  2. Cryotherapy has been shown to speed up your metabolism over time.  The more you do cryo, the longer the effects last.  As previously mentioned, cryo causes your metabolism to speed up to burn calories to try to keep your body warm.  That effect last longer and longer each time you cryo until it is working in high gear all the time.
  3. Cryotherapy takes away my leg pain and soreness so I can attack the treadmill harder and more often.

This is what everyone has been looking for.  Think about it: You decide you are going to get in shape and lose some weight.  Maybe it is a New Year’s Resolution or maybe you are tired of the extra weight.  What do you do?  You go to the gym or you get on the treadmill, stair stepper, or spin cycle, and what happens?  You get sore, your knee hurts, your joints ache.  You try to push through it, and what happens?  More soreness and pain.  Most people quit their workout routine because it is so hard to get past that soreness and pain.

Cryotherapy takes all of that soreness and pain away!  Trust me, I am living it right now.  I rolled off the sofa and hit the treadmill for a total of 9 miles last week.  In addition, I took my sister to the Tucson Desert Museum and walked for 3 hours there (seriously, the Desert Museum is awesome.  If you haven’t gone, you are really missing out.).  Yet here it is Monday morning and I have ZERO soreness, ZERO knee pain.  I feel better than I did last week.

So get on in here and start your Cryotherapy today.  Even if you are an elite athlete this will get rid of your pain and soreness so you can train harder.  Remember I am not just sprouting off stuff, I am living it and speaking from actual experience!  I will check in next week so my two fans that read this blog can follow my progress.  Wish me luck.