Hello again.  I didn’t plan to post two days in a row, but here I am again.  I just had to make an entry today because I had my first Cryotherapy miracle.  I have cryo’ed before but I wasn’t really doing any physical activity at the time so I had not really experienced what cryo could do for workout soreness.

In my eagerness to get this program going, I got on the treadmill yesterday and walked 2.75 miles, mostly at a pretty fast pace (4.3 on my treadmill).  By midday, I could feel the soreness and fatigue in my calves and thighs.  I was having trouble lugging my 277lbs up the stairs at work, and it was looking like I was going to be sidelined at least a few days until the soreness abated somewhat.

I stopped by to cryo on my way home from work and as I walked back to the dressing room, I realized that the pain was almost gone.  When I woke up this morning…..no soreness, no pain, no fatigue.   I don’t know how that is even possible.  Maybe there is something to this Cryotherapy….

I will check in next week and talk a little about my diet and favorite protein shakes, and of course, the dreaded weigh-in.